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Title: Endtapes Artist: The Joy Formidable 3,273 plays


Endtapes - The Joy Formidable

↳ anon asked: bigby wolf or and booker dewitt

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We asked the cartoonist Bob Eckstein to walk around New York City and draw his favorite bookstores. This is what he sent us:


Louis Hvejsel Bork

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London. It's like a great cesspool into which all kinds of criminals, agents, and drifters are irresistibly drained. Sometimes it's not a question of who. It's a question of who knows.

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Hey Zack Snyder—— Bruce Timm not Frank Miller. Bruce Timm not Frank Miller

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Okay, regardless of whether or not you ship Sherlock and Molly together, we all know that this kiss is going to down in history as one of the most iconic kisses ever. Why? Because the use of cinematography, colours, lighting, chemistry of the actors, and the hardcore rock version of the theme song makes this kiss downright perfect.

I’m going to let you in on a not so little secret of mine and that is my deep appreciation of cinematography and the lover of cinematography in me tingled all over when I saw this. I though this kiss was fucking brilliant for these reasons:

Notice the lighting on their faces and the colours they’re wearing. They’re exact opposite of each other with their bodies becoming a living, breathing Yin-Yang symbol. She’s the light breaking through his darkness and he’s the darkness seeping into her light, and this transformation happens throughout the entire moment of passion.

Speaking of passion, Sherlock is pulling Molly as close as he can towards her with absolutely zero negative space between them. This kiss is so hot, the world literally slows down around them as the camera shifts into slow-mo.

Everything that happens before the kiss is loaded with adrenaline what with Sherlock bungee-jumping off of the roof and shattering through the window so that just like Molly, we can feel the same amount of adrenaline she must have felt when Sherlock locked lips with her.

And the finishing touch is Sherlock giving Molly one last smoldering look before he disappears for two years, making Molly and us, weak in the knees.

All I can say is…Well done, well done indeed, and I’ll bet you anything that this kiss is going to become one of the most talked about lip locks in TV history. Watch it happen, people!

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